iFly Spinner



Turn On
Start the aircraft by turning on the power switch. To start the propellors, quickly shake the aircraft or use your other hand to spin the protective shell. Before letting it fly, make sure the top of the aircraft is facing up - the air from the propellors should be blowing downwards.


Turn Off
To stop the aircraft, grab the protective shell with your hand. When the propellors stop spinning, turn off the power switch.


Lightly toss the aircraft up and quickly place your hand underneath. Try to keep the aircraft in the center of your palm and parallel to the ground. Keep in mind, hovering the aircraft in your hand is easier to do on a full charge. When the battery is low on power, the propellers are not able to generate as much force, causing the aircraft to hover lower and have more physical contact with your hand (as shown below).


Horizontal Throw
This can be great for playing catch and throwing at targets. For optimal accuracy, slightly tilt the front of the aircraft downward while throwing it horizontally. This will allow the aircraft to maintain a consistent height and fly in a straight line.


The aircraft should be thrown upward at an angle of 45 degrees. If you're having difficulty, try recording yourself from a side view to get a better sense of your throwing technique. We recommend beginning with shorter distances of 5-10 feet. As you gain confidence, you can gradually increase the distance.


Note: To ensure proper use of the iFly Spinner, be sure to hold onto the round black covers on the top and bottom with your forefinger and thumb as you throw the aircraft.

Remember, practice is key. With some repetition, you'll become a pro in no time!